Sâmia Pedraça

I am a Brazilian journalist, also a former: entrepreneur, reporter, and press relation consultant (Brazil). I hold an M.A degree in Digital Humanities from the University of Alberta, Edmonton – Canada, and currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in Communication Studies and Game Studies at Concordia University, Montreal – Canada. I developed these studies in my spare time, and I have the intention to keep exercising myself on this, also in my free time. Thank you for visiting my page, I hope you enjoy it!

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Dallagnol diz que o pepino do motorista que movimenta 1,2 milhão e pede emprestado 24 mil é "papel do MP do Rio". Sabe-se disso. Dallagnol sabe que o que se queria saber era a opinião dele, sempre tão opinativo sobre moralidade. Ao nada dizer, disse tudo.

“i’m gay, black, and a furry, pretty much everything a republican hates” is the quote of the year

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