First Test: Failing and Learning

Last week I’ve started a journey into the 3d printing world! And, I just came to realize it is not an easy task. As expected, the first printing test was a big failure. I decided to print out one of my modelling studies, which wasn’t exactly made for printing (but regardless of this detail, I believe my second attempt, which I am supposedly sketching for printing, won’t be a huge success anyway! =])

As previously mentioned, the Guardian wasn’t made for printing purposes; thus, I found tons of problems on every printing software I tried to open it, including Cura, Meshmixer, and Preform. To make it possible to run at least a printing test, I had to rework the piece on Zbrush by merging all the subtools together, ‘dynameshing’ (is it even a word?! =]) it, and creating a shell for the model. However, as you can see in the pics below, some of the pieces were too thin and ended up impossible to be printed =|. The printing was done in grey resin, set to 50 microns resolution in the Formlabs’ printer Form2 (at Concordia’s DigifabLab/Milieux)

Anyway, there are tons of things to learn regarding 3d printing and I am just starting to walking on this path. Emphasizing the fact I have tons of things to learn, I already have absorbed the idea that I will have many failures ahead.

So, am I ready?
Oh yeah! Let’s go fail again! ;]

guardian – first test
Just getting out of the alcohol bath 1
Out of the alcohol bath 2
Supports off1
Supports off 2
Checking success and failure parts 1
Checking success and failure parts 2