This character was inspired on H.P. Lovecraft’s book The Shadow Over Innsmouth.  I enjoyed to develop it, especially because I learned new ways to plan a character. — also I realized that I need to improve many of my skills, including anatomy –. Despite this character has many structural problems, I’m very proud to have done it.
I would like to share a bit of the production process that I used on this character.

Speeds Sculptures
I started developing some ideas about the character’s aspects. I spent circa of 1 and a half hour to produce each of these speed sculpt.

Variation of character
Then, I sent the render images to photoshop to start a set of variations. This process was nice to understand the possible ways to create the character.

Modifying and Refining the character
Defined the character’s feature I went back to Zbrush to apply the modifications and refine the model.

Once refined, I painted it in zbrush.

Final Render
This composition was done in photoshop with zbrush render passes.

I hope you like it!!