“Art is never finished but abandoned,” they used to say! So, this is time for me to abandon this piece. This portrait is a humble tribute to the Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil, though I am not completely happy with it. I feel the likeness is not there yet, even though I am not trying to do a contemporary portrait of him, but how he looked like a few years (~decade) ago. Learning is a process, and I think this is the maximum I can do for now. This project was my first attempt to do a portrait, I never thought I could do it, but I guess I just started to think that maybe I can =]

I have learned a lot by developing this project, and I am looking forward to the next one and keeping the wheel of learning moving.

It was modelled and textured using Zbrush and Maya; no scans were used. I did the render in Arnold for Maya.

Render b&w version

Process BreakDown - still wip

Small breakdown of the process - still wip

Process BreakDown - Eye

Eye Render Test