Update – July 4th

Final composition – Photoshop + Zbrush render passes

I did a quick update on this trying to refine a bit and add some colors! I am not sure if I can consider this model done, though! Probably I would need to spend more time refining and adding tertiary details to see it as a final piece, but unfortunately, I have to move on with this study and keep practicing! Anyway, I will try a Photoshop composition later on to see what I can get!!

See you next time!! =]

Developing Laura Kinney – Block Out Stage

This model is in a very early stage once I am blocking it out and most of the pieces are still in dynamesh mode. For the next step, I hope to finish to block out the boots and start to block the face! I am struggling to find time to continue to modelling her, let’s keep going with it even at a slow pace =]

face block out
block out 1
reference image